Engineering Of Printing


اسلیتر فروش ماشین آلات برش کاغذ رول جهت استفاده در ماشین آلات خودپرداز و پایانه های فروشگاهی
Introduction: 1.This slitting machine is suitable for slitting adhesive label paper, craft paper etc. 2.It adopts PLC with touch screen for convenient operation. 3.Unwind part uses magnetic power brake, and PLC calculates the diameters automatically to achieve constant tension. 4.Rewind part is driven by vector motor, constant liner speed. 5.rewind part uses hydraulic lifter to lift rewind rolls. 6.Hydraulic auto loader is used for unwind mother rolls. It’s save human cost and time. 7.EPC system is used in this machine, the photocell and hydraulic web guide are for optional. 8.This system has advantages of Start Buffer, Stop without loose; Meter setting; Speed Setting; Diameter calculate etc.


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